Education is the most important investment one makes in life. Whether you need to pay for your children’s studies or your own, our education loan help you finance up to the full cost of education.


For full time students:

  • Joint borrower between the students and one co-borrower.
  • Acceptable co-borrower are: Parents, siblings, relatives or guardians with adequate repayment capacity
  • Student must be 18 years old or above.

For part time students:

  • Student must provide one guarantor.
  • Acceptable guarantors are: Parents, siblings, relatives or guardians with adequate repayment capacity.
  • Student must be 18 years old or above.

Features and benefits

Minimum loan amount is RM10,000 and maximum loan amount is RM100,000.
As low as 30% security requirement in the form of fixed deposit. Maximum loan tenure is 10 years.
The loan covers:

  • Part time or full time studies.
  • Government (Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia and Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam) approved courses (local and overseas).
  • Diploma, Degree, Masters or PHD.
  • Acceptance of local & twinning programmes or overseas universities.

Fees and Charges
Click for details on education loan fees and charges

Mode of payments
You can make payments via online banking, or
Pay your monthly installments at any CIMB Bank branch, ATM and Cash Deposit Machine (CDM), or
Set up automatic payments via standing instruction.

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  1. conner

    I have finish my SPM for year 2006.
    Now i have got a letter offer from Malaysian Flying Academy.
    Can I to receive ur scholarship and how can i apply for it ?

  2. conner

    I have finish my SPM for year 2006.
    Now i have got a letter offer from Malaysian Flying Academy
    and it cost for RM175k
    Can I to receive ur scholarship and how can i apply for it ?

  3. fiza

    hello, if i want to apply this loan.. do i have to pay for every months when i got the money? or after we graduates? can someone help me with this?

  4. deena

    i finish ny spm in year 2004 but dont get tht gud result due to some health problem last time. i got only 2 credits including bm. In year 2006 i hav joined ptpl college to continue my studies.College management says tht i need to do health science certificate course to continue my diploma in medical lad technology because i dont have tht gud results in my spm. i did my health science cert for almost 1 year and past my papers with flying colours tht is 9 A and 3 B and 3C. And the subjects are microbiology,biology,chemistry,fiziks,anotomy and fisiology,modern maths,add maths,psikology and more. Now im doing my dip in medical lab technology. I really eager to study but my father cant effort to pay my college fee…. i cant apply for ptptn loan…. is there any way for me to ger loan.pls help…. thank u so much.

  5. Melissa Yong

    May i know is there any requirement to get the education loan for overseas institute? i will be finishing my diploma very soon and i choose to furhter my degree in UK. if i can get the loan,shall i know what is the interest charges for the education loan?

  6. FiFo

    Hi, would like to know how to apply for student loan which does not involve any family member, just myself involved, and also my course ends in about a year’s time.


  7. kumaran

    i finished my spm 2007 and now applying for cadet pilot.It cost a lot.Is there any loan for cadet pilot?Please send me some information about this…….

  8. lampardo

    to deena,
    i suggest u to apply NST scholarships bcoz ptpl college is 1 of the private college which NST provide scholarships for.

  9. feesz

    i’ve just did my final xm in undergraduate course of degree in acc n m nw applying for this scholarship.i tried applying for others but did not get good response.could u pls explain on hw to apply this loan and what are the consequences of applying it.

  10. hong

    I really want to study for english course at Southern College in Johor Bahru,cost for RM15,800 for over 2 years. But even I had working for 6 years after my secondary, still not capable to go for further studies.
    All my earnings was paid for the installments for car,house rental and monthly expenses.
    I really hope the bank can help me.

  11. Wee


  12. gurl

    if i study in a private college university n hope to study overseas..can i get the full scholarship or loan ?

  13. geetdha

    I just finish LCCI and want to continue my studies.How to apply loan and what is the requiments?Thank you

  14. derrick

    hi. i’m a Form 5 juz finish my SPM. I would like to ask for information about ur education loans and how do we get JPA loans/scholarship. Wat are the requirements and the forms needed? pls reply ASAP to my email as stated.

  15. jiahui

    i’ve just finish SPM 2009 and is still waiting for results. Could you please send me further information regarding the education loan?
    please reply asap, thanks! 🙂

  16. dream

    Hello, I never heard of this product before. Is it some scam or what…
    -one of concerned CIMB branch staff

  17. Lee

    HI,i would like to know the information about the education loan for oversea undergraduate programe,thank you.

  18. john

    thanks i will try to visit the cimb’s officer,by the way any otheres scholarship i can find in malaysia ?mean like after i graduate i will pay them back ,with zero interest