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  1. lee lin shin

    i wish to further study to complete my degree can i apply for the loan?

  2. conner

    I have finish my SPM for year 2006.
    Now i have got a letter offer from Malaysian Flying Academy
    and it cost for RM175k
    Can I apply to receive your scholarship and how can i apply for it ?

  3. guy

    hi too..i got offer from apft …and the cost around 180 k…
    do you get any funding for your flying school?
    i am looking for it.

  4. KS Ronny Pavdai

    My first son studying medicine I have settle

    My 2nd son studing in Kursk Russia and he is going to 3 rd year. I need loan for RM 17,000 X 4 YEARS



    KS Ronny Pavdai

  5. Gunalan

    Im doing degree in local university and got an offer to Malaysian Flying Academy.Can I apply to receive your scholarship or loan?

  6. Gunalan

    Im doing degree in local university and got an offer to Malaysian Flying Academy.can i apply your scholarship or loan?

  7. gunalan

    im doing degree in local university. can i get loan or scholarship for doing flying course in malaysia

  8. michelle

    i just got my stpm result. can i apply or get the loan or scholarship for my degree. i’m applying local uni.

  9. daniel

    I am pursuing for a CPL-Helicopter recognize by DCA with RM280K for the whole duration of 12 to 14 months of training. The academy that i am joining is Intergrated Training and services Academy in Ipoh.
    Are the course elegible for a loan and if so, how much will a loan cover ?

  10. hong

    I really want to study for english course at Southern College in Johor Bahru,cost for RM15,800 for over 2 years. But even I had working for 6 years after my secondary, still not capable to go for further studies.
    All my earnings was paid for the installments for car,house rental and monthly expenses.
    I really hope the bank can help me.

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  12. kishnthri

    hi i jus got offer letter to study at university murdoch, perth,australia. how to apply loan? pls guide.

  13. ayien

    hello kishnthri, i know ur comments on this website is long time ago.but yeah i just want to ask if possible,where do u get your loan? i’m also got the offer from murdoch university. i’ve no idea where to find the loan.i lost my hope. i’ve tried several goverment loans but yeah failed.i’ve to pay the fee is on 16th june 2010.and its quite an amount for a short period of time. i hope you can reply this.

  14. ichi

    hye…can i apply 4 maybank scholarship?i’m in the las year dip. student in uitm and my cgpa is 3.77.i really2 need the scholarship.

  15. Akbar Ali

    Any bank offering study loans in Malaysia for Engineering studies pursued by Indian national? I would appreciate your information.