The OCBC bank scholarship scheme is now open for application for students who pursuing the following course :

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Business Administration
  • Computer Science
  • Economy and
  • all courses related to banking industry

For those interested can apply through their website or write to Jabatan Sumber Manusia, OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad, Tingkat 2, Menara OCBC, 18 Jalan Tun Perak 50050 KL.

Contact person : Cik Leong Yew Ling (03-20345343)

The closing date is 14 April 2007.

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  1. admin Article Author

    I have visited their website, but cant find any link to the scholarship. Please call or write to them for scholarship form. TQ

  2. nur fadhzillah

    i have a question.im a student of kolej matrikulasi.am i qualified to your scholarship.maybe i will going to univesity at julai.
    can you give me opinion

  3. amirah

    is there any direct link to the scholarship application form? ‘cos i’ve visited the website given and can’t find any.

  4. Tan Mun Yee

    Im a needy soul from Ipoh.I am an ex student of Main Convent Ipoh.Although,i obtain 10As in my spm trials,surprisingly i only get 7As in my actual results.I was emotionally broke down.All my hope of getting merit scholarship to take up CAT then ACCA shattered.However,now i had pick up every pieces of my shattered self back and face reality.I know in Malaysia,everything is about the A`s we scored in examination but i believe in balancing both in life and in academic.I am not an average teen who study up to 10hours a day.I embraces life holistically.That is why i am a prefect in school since standard2 till form 4.I am active in running too.I have joined many long distanced running events ranging from school levels to district runs.I am sure my chances of getting this Tun Dato` Seri Omar Ong Community Scholarship is not high but i have faith in God that nothing is impossible which is my motto.Lastly,i want to tell you that i`m not here to beg for sympathy.I just to be given a fair chance like others to compete for this scholarship then continue my ambition towards becoming a charted accountant despite my parents` low monthly income.My dad earns approximetely rm1500 and my mum is a full-time housewife.Without the financial aids from you,i have to continue form6 and work as a part-time kindergarden teacher at the same time.

    please give me a call if i am qualified
    address as Munyee

  5. admin Article Author

    Congratulations .. you have done good job in obtaining 7As. Eventhough, to get a scholarship is not easy now days due to high competition, you still have many options such as PTPTN.

    Remember this, whatever happen, dont give up. This is not the end of your life..look forward for better future.

  6. zaty

    i’m a first year student studying at a local university. i was wondering are students who have already been accepted to the university are still elegible to apply for the scholarship?

  7. Ryssa

    To those who still want to look for the form online, click ‘Get Details’ under Community. You should be able to find it.

  8. d.a.n.i.a.l

    emm….i’m wondering..why don’t ocbc try to open the application for SPM candidates based on their SPM trial??
    well….pls do think about it….

  9. khaza

    I need scolarship that could be applied via internet, thus online (paperless)…do you have any??
    I’m a Matriculation student..MY 1st result is 3.88
    Hope you can get me one…

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