Did you attended any interview or may be scholarship selection recently ? Share your experience here. We hope with this info, will help our friends out there to be well prepared for future interviews.

Just post your experience and the result if possible. For other readers, please dont ask anything, as this will ensure this thread clean and easy for us to read.

Thank you.

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  1. sanjibrilliant

    JPA interview..on..2006..I apply for Engineering – Japan, it’s my first time interview,,n you know..nervous lah!!first we have to answer some objective questions..i dont remember what type of questions anymore.but i think it’s most likely about our interest in our choice..(if u choose engineering, is it u really like it or not..watever…)..
    then the most important part…discussion…we need to discuss bout how to promote malaysia..well, i got ideas to say..the problem is i dont really speak in English with anybody before..just writing man,n among 20 student there..i think i’m the poorer one.feel inferior sket..lastly..just say one idea n masa dh nk dkat abeh masa,the intervieweeee asked me if i have anything to say(it’s becoz i dont talk a lot!!)…i juz conclude watever others saying..huhu
    resultnyer,,,dpt..but only after somebody tolak offer tu..n sy ponn,,’ter’tolak offer tu..so regret sometimes..huhu

  2. ilyana

    it’s about interview with KPT..BIASISWA SKIM LATIHAN TENAGA PENGAJAR….something funny about tis interview because of i only get da offer letter 2 days before that interview..gosh!!!!i don’t make enough preparation on that…memang serabut time kena jawab soklan dari panel…with 80% confident,answering in english…i think they will always remember me because of my english..very ‘excellant’..on that day,i have been asked about wat is da different between naza n proton,why i need this scholarship n wat is clutch…they also asked me why i choose automotive…because i’m da beautiful gurlz..ahakzzz…and the result?i will get on the early april,next month..pliz pray for me k!!! 🙂

  3. nadiah

    well..i was called for bank negara’s scholarship interview.. They called me the day before the interview day..so,i was pretty much freaking out..haha..the fact that it was my first interview didnt help either.. So,i tried my luck and went for it.. It wasnt as bad as i thought but just 1 thing..i wasnt prepared for it..i was rambling quite a bit.. they asked a lot bout myself,my contributions to the school,general knowledge ques,y r u fit for this scholarship,y do u choose this course etc.
    They’re choosing only 3 scholars..oh well..haha.. I’m aiming for mara right now..hopefully i’ll do well for the interview on thurs..
    good luck to y’all who r going for scholarship interviews in the future! blow them away! =D

  4. erhamna

    I went to Sime Darby Scholarship interview last time. Just want to be frank, I didnt make it to the 3rd assessment though. How sad. But, what do you expect from Sime Darby right? unless you are very well prepared or very good in critical thinking skills no matter what situation you are in. As for me, it was a very good first interview experience. At least, I made a very nice friends. 😉

    OK. Back to the assessment (Sorry for the self-babbling intro. heh 😉 )
    They first assessed you on your online filled form. You filled up your achievement, SPM results, bla bla bla. All basic things. They also got 3-5 questions which you have to answer them with not more than 3000 words if I’m not mistaken. All the questions are easy. I’m sure it was all part of psychological test though 😉

    Then, I got through to 2nd assessment which was the interview. They will informed you through your email. As for me, it was being held at Tractors Academy, Puchong. First session in the morning. We were being grouped to 3 (5-6 people per group). Group by group were called into another room and there we started our interview. Instead of we alone sit face to face with the 2-3 interviewers in a small room, we did it as a group and only ONE interviewer in a big conference room. But, still, she/he asked and we answered. Person by person.

    And then, the questions. *sigh sigh sigh* I thought I was expecting something like, well, you know, more general issues like landslides, children lack of care, environment care bla bla bla. BUT, all she asked was like “What do you know about Sime Darby?”, “What is you suggestion on how are we gonna improved our companies profit bla bla”, “what do you think is our biggest challenge bla bla”, “bla bla bla Agroculture, Health Care, Food products bla bla bla”. *sigh* There is no right or wrong answer during the interview. All they want to see is your character, skills in communication and how you deliver your opinion, the confidence etc. So, just be your self.

    Well, I passed. And there goes the computer assessment. Vocabulary and numerical test. We were given less than half an hour to complete each. I guess here where I failed the assessment. I can’t catch up the time limit though. I spent more than 3 minutes for the first 10 questions each while we should spent less than a minute for one question. Duhh!

    Well, I guess this ALL experience sharing-maring are not going to help you much if you are going to the scholarship interview soon. Because they don’t have any exact format. They might change everything without you even prepare for it. It will be all spontaneous. (I know you guys are busy googling here and there to have a peek what other people said about the previous interview. Well, that’s what I did before too 😉 ) Since, all you supposed to do is keep use to talk, communicate and discuss with people around you about current issues. Read articles, online or newspaper. Yeah, I know that’s what people will always tell you but believe me. They are so true. 😉

  5. nikki

    OMG why dont u think this is helpful? LOL
    thanks very much. i applied for sime darby scholarship but im not really hoping for it.
    cuz i know its gonna be tough. nowadays there are sooo many smart people and we just have to compete 😉

  6. jai..

    hi..i been shortlisted 2 star scholarship.thy cal me 2 segi college for the schollarship..can i knw wat type of que thy ll ask..how many people will interview us..v ll hv group discussion zit..

  7. admin Article Author

    jai…every company has their own interview format. The normal interview is always the same. But some companies introduce IQ test, english test, competency test.

    Be yourself, get to know on the current issue…

  8. zahreyna

    i’m going for sime darby’s interview tomorrow.. from their email.its said there it will be a busines case study. 10 min invidual preparation then 20-30 min group discusion.. i’m wondering what kinda business case study will be asked??

  9. Ming

    Thanks, your post help a lot. What else they asked? Can you please tell me what you answered? Did you get it? Thank you very much