We would like to share with you some of the most Frequently asked question that we received about scholarship

Where to find scholarship ?
We would suggest you try any of this options :

  1. Malaysia-scholarship.net website is a good start for you, we are the best.
  2. Search in Google/yahoo etc
  3. Look for scholarship ads in newspaper
  4. Buy scholarship listing book (can get it at book shop)
  5. Go to your university/college website, they might have link to scholarship available for their student
  6. Visit the Company related to your course of study website and look for scholarship ads, eg. if you pursue B. Petroleum, visit Petronas/Shell site etc.
  7. Go to sponsorship dept in your university and ask for scholarship πŸ™‚

When to apply ?
Scholarship awards in Malaysia typically open for application twice a year in line with the 2 semester system in our university. But you must keep in mind that many scholarships are only awarded once a year, so missing a deadline can mean missing out until the next cycle. Applications submitted past the deadline are usually not considered.

Try to apply early, think of it this way: if you only apply on the closing days, most scholarship grants are already awarded to those who apply early or most scholarship applications have already closed.

How to apply scholarsip ?

The answer for this question is very much depend on the scholarship provider, but we would like to advise that you read carefully the scholarship advertisement and find the way. However, if we were to summarise many of scholarship given the following options :

  1. To apply online by filling up form (if the scholarship provider has good system)
  2. To download form and sent to them through mail/email or even by hand.
  3. To write application letter and send together with your CV.

What different types of scholarships are there?

There are a variety of different types of scholarships, available from both university and external sources. In Malaysia there are 2 type of scholarships, some with bond and some are not.

In most of the private organisation in Malaysia, they devide the scholarship into 2 category namely public scholarship and staff children scholarship.  The criteria for staff children is very often more relax compared to public candidates.

Most scholarships are awarded based on academic merit and some are also based on financial need

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