MAJLIS Amanah Rakyat (MARA) sponsorship is now available to Bumiputera students seeking to study Monash University’s Bachelor of Medicine or Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) programme at its Sunway campus in Petaling Jaya.

The sponsorship is under MARA’s Open Application Scheme. Selection of students will be based on their pre-university results, performance in the semi-structured interview as well as the results of an aptitude test.

To meet the requirements, students must first score three principals in the STPM or A-Levels with an “A” in chemistry.

Apart from that, those who score excellent results in other pre-university programmes such as Australian Matriculation, Australian Year 12, Monash University Foundation Year, Canadian Matriculation, Canadian International Matriculation Programme and International Baccalaureate will also be eligible for a sponsorship. Pre-requisite subjects include English or English as a Second Language (ESL) and chemistry.

Students whose pre-university qualifications do not include English or ESL must demonstrate their English language proficiency through the A-level or TOEFL English tests.

Apart from offering sponsorship for medicine, MARA also offers sponsorships for other Monash degree courses including engineering, information technology, business and science.

The sponsorships provided by MARA are interest-free and the repayment amount may be reduced if students achieve excellent results.

Call 03-5514-6000 or visit

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  1. suprabarma

    this scholarship is only provided to malays. malaysia is a nation not only owned by malays, but other races about other race students score better. aren’t they are more suitable to gain scholarship. if this situation continues,”malaysia boleh, pun jadi tak boleh

  2. afi fadzly

    this is a good website as it give us and me myself as an spm leavers who would like to further up my studies overseas by using my spm results…

  3. vote for truth

    i am strongly agree with suprabarma.
    MARA should give their scholarship for other races students too. this is mainly to proof that malaysia is a peaceful country.

  4. kartik

    oh..this is excellent website for spm leavers like us.But i am strongly agree with suprabarma. the goverment should be not “BERAT SEBELAH” OK. They should be treat other races as a kristian. but i already apply for scholarship but i am afraid that my request will be rejected

  5. Nor Aslam

    What is it with the racism here? You all can still apply for JPA. Just follow the channel that has been inclined to your requirement, i mean Malaysia is a great country and they treat every kind regardless of the race nor their religion. You all should be thankful not disappointed. Anyway i want to ask, stated here that only pre-university leavers will be applicable to apply for MARA scholarship, how about spm leavers? Some say that we probably have to get an offer from a certain college first then we can apply for MARA. Do help me please.

  6. hazman

    hi,i’m wondering if mara offers any scholarships for spm graduates who wants to study in the architecture field?i am waiting for my spm result right now..plese reply,i,m desperate#

  7. Aini

    Hey guys, im not here to take any sides, but it’s true lah msia is kinda berat sebelah. im lucky being a bumi, previously received my education in the states. ive gt the jpa scholarship despite having less A1s and less proficient in speaking than my friend who is eurasian. just wanna be fair, but dont worry guys there are lotsa scholarships out there

  8. fair

    hw cn ths 1 is juz 4 malay???
    hw bout de other race???
    ths is x fair wat!!!
    other race’s result oso excelent wat!!!

  9. Ash

    MARA is for the Malays whom are not rich enough to pay for their studies BUT with an excellent result. It is not discrimanation or anything, its just the speciality that the Malays have since long time ago. So my opinion is, if you want the scholarship, what you should do is get an A1 for every subject you take.
    Please inform me further info about MARA scholarship. I’m waiting for that sholarship too..

  10. syazana

    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I am one of the SPM candidates, I would like to know about mara scholarship. I would like to applt for MARA’ s Education scholarship programme. Please let me know information about the requirements for application of Mara Education scholarship through sending it via my email

    Thank you for your favour

  11. kat

    i’m a spm leavers n would like to further my studies in medical field by using scholarship…. i really hope some help……..

  12. as

    im currently in my foundation year,,taking foundation in accounting,,despite from having quiet excellent result in spm 2006,,i didnt get any scholarship though im ex mrsm student,,now..with my cgpa above 3.5 im desperately need a scholarship,,or loan,,i really want to further my studies overseas,,just give me a chance,,show me any hope..please reply,,

  13. frust

    i think suprabarma should be thankful enough can live in this prosper malaysia.n s everybody know MARA was build specially to assist excellent malay student.he can apply to other branch except mara if tat was da problem for him.

  14. akmal

    hye..who know the scholarship that offer medical course??oversea or local not a please for those who know..thanks

  15. peace

    suprabarma….i think u should look back on the history of the MARA….and malaysia too..u dont have to feel rejected bcoz of that…there are a many other scholarship that u can apply…

  16. um~~

    it isn’t that the gov is somehow unfair or whatever~~
    the thing is called hak keistimewaan org melayu~~
    the malays are the bumis~~the original occupants of the tanah melayu~~
    we have to respect their rights~~

  17. maryani

    akmal…u can apply jpa or mara scholarship…freinds..can u help me…i wanna know the most popular questions during interview…

  18. VIII/XI Arcana

    Not trying to be a racist, but all of this so called “Hak Keistimewaan Melayu” are rubbish. The government is just so bias. You Malays won’t have any complaints about this just because you’re getting all the benefits and advantages. Dude, what about us? I’m NOT saying that my anonymous race is better than yours, but at least be more considerate towards us.

    PS: suprabarma you should improve on your English before giving any comments. Using screwed-up English to condemn others is disgraceful.

  19. ka

    Please i would like to know more about this scholarship. Could you advise on how to apply for it? Thanks.

  20. tiara

    hui suprabarma,
    u can aply for jpa scholarshp lar, lols!
    malaysia boleh!!mind dat,haha!

  21. tiara

    move out from malaysia la u guys!
    dun0e h0w 2b grateful,
    jpa sc0lrshp is pr0vded 4u all wat,
    mengada2 betul,

  22. meera

    hey u…do u unstand wat is mean by`hak keistiwewaan melayu`??if u dun understand it pliz repeat ur history paper ok???from tht u may undrstand why is malay is special in malaysia..=) if not u can get lost if u cant accept tht priority …thanxx…


    this scolarship is really good bcoz it only offerd to the natives of malaysia…. i really appreciate it bcoz iam one of them…… i suceed furtherd my study to egypt…. and it such a wonderful gift in my life… Here i would like to thanks MARA coz give me this oppurtunity to further my studies abroad in my intersted field that is medicine……. Thanks bcoz MRA helped me to fulfil my parents dreams to see me wearing doctor coat in future………

  24. anonymous

    hey …malaysia is not for malays…is for the org asli…thy hav tindas by malays….malays native is frm sumatera…remember ??go look bak history books la…tak sedar diri
    anyways…no point of talkin bout racism…
    does this scholar are provided to diploma leavers…such as medical labs tech?

  25. dunno

    anonymous…i wanna ask the same question..
    does this scholar provided for diploma leavers??for applied sc especially

  26. rasional

    i do agree that MARA should take into consideration to approve the non- bumi to apply scolarship.. its nt about talking ” hak keistimewaan” here, what the issue is really about is quality that is needed.. i believed chances should be given away to those who are eligible enough and relinquish every thought of racism.. there is a lot non-malay that study in MRSM bt not eligible to appy MARA scolarship jst because they are not malay.. if to think precisely, what are the benefits for this students to study in MRSM if they cant even apply the MARA scolarship..

  27. rasional

    still, i should say… what had been fixed could nt be changed.. therefore.. stop the buffering and get going… grab every opportunities outside there… as long as u have the passion.. u may succeed…. God bless….

  28. Ismail

    Assalamualaikum, My daughter is studying Medicine at Al Azhar University, Egypt. Her first year.Luckily I had my EPF savings to cover her first year tuition fees ONLY. So for the next 5 YEARS, my intention is to get some assistance from MARA. How am I to proceed with the APPLICATION?

  29. ally

    hey.. dats no issue about berat sebelah ok.. its already stated in our perlembagaan dat malay have to be given hak istimewa n no 0ne could fight bout dat anymore. there are a very responsible malay who build up this mara company to help melayu (mara is half g0vernment!).. i’m sure there’s a lot of scholarship for non-bumi.. just be open-minded.. our gov is very fair dats why all bumi n non-bumi can apply scholarship through jpa (jpa is full gov!)

  30. uhuh

    don’t u guys learn sejarah?it has been stated that malays n bumiputras get special attention for lyk the last 51 years…btw,try not to feel too racy about scholarships.they do not hold responsibilities of keeping m’sia peaceful..

  31. malaysian

    All non-malaysians are malaysians. They belong only in Malaysia, no where else!. This house has been built and renovated by all malaysians. Period!

  32. bella

    hey2,whats all the fuss about??all of us should really be thankful actually because we still have a country!!we sure dont want our beloved malaysia accept the same fate as gaza, do you????just remember “berstu teguh,bercerai roboh” the way,chances are everywhere..each n everyone of us should just strive to the glory!!!keep smiling,every1 n be positive!!may god bless all of us n our country =D

  33. Joe Bloggs

    Guys, before commenting on why there is some “berat sebelah”, in malaysia, i suggest you read up Malaysian History and World History more from credible sources. After you read up, then you would know that the inequality wasn’t caused by our government, but our previous government before independence, the british people themselves.

    They gave the chinese more opportunities and put the malays aside so that they would not get smart and fight back, so now we’re just trying to balance things back. But we’re trying to do that WHILE giving opportunities to other races as well such as JPA scholarship and all, theres like 85% of scholarship out there opened to all races, Mara is one of those few that don’t, and is probably the one and only that don’t.

    You also can’t compare Malaysia with America, because america actually belongs to the red indians before the whites came in to exploit their land. and they’re equality policy only came 200 years after their independence in 1960s. Malaysia’s balancing policy came 13 years after independence, means before that, we tried to give equal opportunities to all races in msia, but realize that the damages done by the british was far to great to be recovered. Not to mention they stole our resources too and made their country better leaving us with less supplies to entertain all races.

  34. Joe Bloggs

    Also, I understand that some people from other races here are angry and unsatisfied with the inequality, but if you are a smart person, you would criticize and question in a nice way and not by insulting other people, even races other than malays or chinese. Because if you still do that, then I don’t think you deserve any type of scholarship anywhere in the world, because it comes to a question whether “does Malaysia now Tak boleh because of the Government?” or Does Malaysia tak boleh now because of people like YOU?”. Honestly, if a country wants to be advanced or 1st world then criticizations by the people should be done in a polite and intelligent manner. If you criticize like by insulting other people and acting like an idiot, then people like you are the one who is slowing the country down. Malaysia TAK BOLEH because of you

  35. mixmelayuchinese

    The harmony n stability of our country has to be maintained so that all the rich malays , chinese and indians can thrive . Its a win-win situation for everyone if we are able to maintain harmony in malaysia. Many of us who are born after independence fail to realise how the malays had been side-lined by the british for a long time. Being the natives of malaya as it was called those days , the british wasnt keen to educate the malays n the british prefer to put the chinese to work in tin mine areas wch later became major towns. Maybe the british thinks that the chinese are temporarily here n will go back where they came from.So there is lesser chance of the chinese fighting back against the british unlike the malays who has been here for generations.The indians are sent into rubber estates for god knows why?
    As a result the malays n indians are generally left behind and economically the chinese gets all the advantages since they are mostly staying in major towns.However the chinese should never ever think that they are able to achieve what they did without the malays n indians around them . We are all dependent on each other in one way or another . Likewise I think we should always be gratefull that the malays in those days did not mind accepting the chinese and indians staying on in malaya instead of insisting that those visitors go back where they came from. There is a lot of give and take. Thats what made our country stand out compared to other places where people kill each other etc.Making sure that there is a controlled division of wealth among the various ethnic groups in our country is very important to maintain the harmony that had existed all these years.Otherwise there will be chaos and nobody will benefit from that kind of situation.I am a chinese mixed with malay and fortunate to be able to see things with a birds eye view.Let MARA fulfill its duties for the bumiputera’s…after all there’s lots of choices of scholarships out there. There are so much choices that my non-bumi bros n sisters should not keep on harping about MARA scholarship when all of us know very well that our govt is trying its best to make sure that at the end of the day we can all live peacefully together. And for those who are still not happy…if i were in yr shoes i would migrate to whichever country that suits my taste.

  36. mixmelayuchinese

    most of my cousins got sponsorships other than MARA . They did well and end up getting JPA , UEM ,SIME DARBY and petronas scholarships.

    I am sure one day malaysia will be able to get rid of the bumi and non bumi atatus but for the time being , doing so will create a tense situation especially for the malay ethnic group.Can you imagine how chaotic it would be?

    It takes time and meanwhile lets all of us work hard and do our best in whatever we do .

  37. muhdshah

    why is that? bringing up that lame issue be franked im also mixed…but since my father is also ones too..

    can u imagine.. whenever mara opens its scholarship to whoever other than the natives…for very sure..chinese scholar will occupied those quotas..what will happen to us..natives(malay n other native) will contribute none but chaostic n stressed situation tht might lead to bad consequences…commotion..and even worst..inner-war within ethnic..

    to add to this..still poverty entangled the 4 the sponsorship 2 pursue studies whether inner/overseas..they will never afford..unless thre are scholarships..since students are getting smarter…straight-A aters are multiplied in count as time flashes by..thus natives shall do have certain council to support em in term of finance to pursue their studies..which would boost up native intelectual in number beyond that they could stand a better chance to live life productively…my fther is a soldier..i know much on how ‘moderate’ life is..since ethnics other than natives ve their own sponsorship n sometimes affordable to further studies by their own..

    please acknowledge why mara shall sponsor native scholars..


  38. mixmelayuchinese

    Dear muhdshah ,

    Your english is so bad I cant make out what you are trying to say. Anyway in my opinion the bumiputera special rights should eventually be abolished .
    It is something that is not good for the bumiputras in the long run and its a hindrance in fostering national unity among all the races as long as we are divided into bumi and non bumi.

    I sincerely hope for that day when all of us can call ourselves malaysians juz like those in america who call themselves americans. No need to differentiate whether we are chinese / malay / indian /etc

    But at the present moment it is not the right time to abolish it coz it will most probably lead to racial tension and I know all of us here do not want to see another 1305 happening again.

  39. hajar

    i would to ask if i can make an early application for this scholarship?
    as i will be sitting for my spm this year,can i make an early application by tendering my result based on my trial by the end of this september?i desperately need a scholarship and i hv to seek earlier. please reply me by sending emails.thank you and i will appreciate it very much,sir.

  40. Ahmad

    Kepada semua adik2 yang di sayangi,
    Anda terlalu muda untuk menjadi begitu perkauman..perjalanan anda masih panjang..anda perlu bejuang untuk meneruskan aspirasi dan cita2 negara tapi saya amat sedih dgn sikap yang di tunjukkan anda semua..sepatutnya anda semua bersyukur dan berbangga menjadi rakyat Malaysia. Kerajaan tidak pernah berat sebelah di dalam mana2 keputusan yang di buat..semuanya adil dan saksama..

    Baiklah, adik2 semua, untuk pengetahuan semua MARA hanya berikan PINJAMAN bukan BIASISWA. Adik2 perlu bayar semula selepas tamat pengajian dan bekerja. Cuma terdapat segelintir yang di ubah menjadi biasiswa berdasarkan keptusan akhir peringkat ijazah yang cemerlang. MARA hanya membantu BUMIPUTERA yang mempunyai kelayakan akademik terbaik dan latarbelakang sosioekonomik yang tidak memungkinkan mereka melanjutkan pengajian tanpa bantuan tersebut. Di sini ingin saya terangkan DEFINASI BUMIPUTERA itu sendiri bukan hanya pada anak Melayu saja…akan tetapi kami anak2 Melayu terpaksa berkongsi bahagian yang ditetapkan dengan BUMIPUTERA SABAH DAN SARAWAK yang terdiri dari pelbagai suku kaum di Sabah dan Sarawak serta mereka terdiri dari pelbagai etnik yang menganut kepelbagaian agama..Jika tidak adik2 boleh semak di UiTM..Bayangkan di UiTM ada juga pelajar Kristian,Buddha,Hindu yang merupakan anak2 Bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak.Tapi mereka masih dapat belajar di UiTM..berat sebelah kah itu?

    Bagi adik2 BUKAN BUMI,jangan terlalu mengikut sifat amarah yang boleh mencemar keharmonian negara kita..bersyukurlah..anda semuaa menikmati bahagian yang jauh lebih besar dari anak2 Melayu..BAGAIMANA?

    Anak2 Bukan Bumi,menikmati bahagian masing2 tanpa perlu berkongsi dengan bangsa lain.Contohnya, JPA memberikan BIASISWA dan bukannya PINJAMAN seperti MARA, tetapi perlu di ingat anda di ikat dgn kontrak untuk berkhidmat dgn kerajaan apabila tamat belajar kelak. Malah adik2 Bukan Bumi mendapat hak eksklusif tanpa perlu berkongsi dengan kaum lain..Kaum Cina mendapat penuh hak kaum Cina, manakala kaum India mendapat total hak kaum India. Walhal anak2 Melayu terpaksa berkongsi bahagian mereka dengan BUMIPUTERA SABAH dan SARAWAK..BUKANKAH INI JELAS MENUNJUKKAN ANAK2 BUKAN BUMI LEBIH UNTUNG?Masih salah kah ank2 Melayu? Masih BERAT SEBELAH KAH KERAJAAN KITA?

    Wahai adik2 tersayang,
    Untuk mendapat tajaan bukan mudah. Adik2 semua perlu melalui saringan demi saringan.Proses ini memakan masa dan perlukan kepada kerja keras dan pengorbanan.Saya sendiri pernah menerima tajaan JPA untuk mengikuti kursus Perubatan di luar negara. Namun krisis Ekonomi pada tahun 1997 menyebabkan ramai antara kami belajar di dalam negara sahaja dan diberi kursus yang bukan pilihan walaupun keputusan GCA-Level kami rata2 4.0.Alhamdulillah , kami mendapat tempat di Uni terbaik negara. Namun pada masa tersebut keadaan lebih perit lagi kerana tiada lagi yang di namakan PTPTN.Adik2 semua harus bersyukur kerana sekarang sudah ada PTPTN.BUMI atau BUKAN BUMI di beri hak sama rata membuat pinjaman.Masih berat sebelah kah?

    Bagi mendapat tajaan JPA bukan mudah,hanya yang benar2 layak sahaja mendapatnya.SPM perlu cemerlang.Setakat 10A1 perkara biasa.Namun perlu aktif ko-kurikulum dan hadir temuduga.Malah sekarang lebih ketat lagi.Saya dan 4 abg2,kakak dan adik pernah melalui proses yang sama.Namun rezeki saya sahaja di dalam negara.Alhamdulillah, kami 10 beradik semua berjaya walaupun kami bukan golongan senang.Bagi adik2 Bukan Bumi jangan fikir berat sebelah pula jika tidak berjaya nanti,kerana proses ini amat ketat..

    Setelah berjaya adik2 akn ditempatkan di kolej2 persediaan sepatutnya macam KMB, Intec dan sbgnya.Di Intec adik2 Bukan Bumi pun akn masuk belajar sama lepas berjaya..tak adil lagi ke? Intec tu sebahagian dari UiTM jg..Klo kerajaan kita berat sebelah maka adik2 Bukan Bumi ni kena la ikuti kursus Persediaan di Taylor/Inti/Help/Sunway/KDU..erm masih rasa tak bagus lagi ke kerajaan negara kita ni?

    Akhir kata,untuk adik2 semua,terutama Bukan Bumi, JGN PENTINGKAN DIRI SENDIRI..anda lebih beruntung tanpa perlu berkongsi hak dgn Kaum lain. BYK2 KN BERSYUKUR dan BERTERIMA KASIH PADA NEGARA..Adik2 BUMI Sabah dan Sarawak, jgn berkecil hati dgn ayat2 saya yang ank2 Melayu terpaksa berkongsi bahagian dgn anda.Ini sekadar penerangan untuk adik2 Bukan Bumi. Adik2 Bumi,terutama ank2 Melayu kuatkan usaha,doa dan tawakal.InsyaAllah kita semua mampu berjaya,mengharumkan nama negara dan memacu kejayaan buat tanah air Malaysia tercinta..Belajar di dalam negara/luar xbyk beza,yg ptg usaha..kabar gembira dari adik saya di US,ramai ank2 Melayu cemerlang PNGK 4.0 di Uni nya, malah pelajar “mat salleh” pun xdpt 4flat seperti mereka.Kesimpulannya anda semua berpotensi untuk berjaya,gunakan ia sebaik mungkin bagi mencapai cita2 dan jgn porak-perandakan negara kita.Gunakan ilmu dan kebijaksanaan dengan wajar dan bukan menjadi seperti kacang lupakan kulit..

    Akhir kata,saya mohon maaf jika ada kata2 yang menyinggung semua pihak..Saya sekadar membetulkan persepsi adik2 yang sudah tersasar..harapan saya selepas ini jgn ada perasaan yg tidak enak lg..

    Selamat Maju Jaya buat semua adik2 tersayang baik BUMI,BUKAN BUMI, mahupun BUMI SABAH DAN SARAWAK..

    Calon PhD

  41. oola

    the other races can go apply for other things okay.
    respect babe.
    macam budak2 nak bring up this issue.
    its not like u guys are neglected completely.
    alot of other scholarship,I MEAN ALOT!be thankful that negara malaysia which is from the start was a malay country actually, consider u guys practically a part of malaysians.anyway,only MARA are for the malays.
    if you guys are not satisfied, pindah lah america ke. get lost:) tq

  42. weird..

    hey, y r u guys fighting over this matter??..enough already..if u think other country is better than malaysia, then pack up all ur stuff n bERAmBUS!!!..
    then u will start to regret of ever criticizing!!!
    can’t u appreaciate what u have now??..
    such mentalities is not what malaysia needs to become a 1st world country!!..

  43. ammar

    im ex matriculation student…my PNGK is 3.56…im waiting an offer from a ipts for MBBS.can i apply for jpa scholarship and how to apply??
    Thank You….plz reply…

  44. bear

    nope..u will not get ur scholar yet ammar..if u were in spc scheme, by mara..can get,no prob…cgpa like 3.56 to study MBBS in malaysia is quite hard..i a medical student in indonesia btw..da~

  45. khalid

    i would likely to know when can i apply for this programme? i’m an ex-matriculation student (09-10)… thank you.