Selangor State Government today has released their education loan advertisement to pursue  studies at IPTA and IPTS in Malaysia.

The offer is open to all qualified students who are pursuing the following courses :

  • Bachelor Degree at IPTA/IPTS
  • Diploma at IPTA/IPTS
  • Certificate at Politeknik/ Kolej Komuniti

For more details on the loan and how to apply, please read the advertisement.  Please note that the closing date of application is on 1 april 2009.

For more details Selangor State website at

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  1. Pathmasri D/O Raghavan

    I am currently studying in Universiti Industri Selangor and i’m doing Foundation TESL course. I just want to know whether Selangor Government is providing any scholarship for this course.

  2. lavinsaa

    Dear Sir,

    i am currently studying in Universiti Industri Selangor and i’m doing degree is accounting. i want to apply scholarship for my degree program which i’m doing now.i am in 2 year 3 there providing any scholarship in this case.if yes i want to know how to apply it.


  3. amanda

    is there loan available by selangor state government for student persuing degree at other state?

  4. shinee

    im pursuing my masters in public admin in universiti malaya. i wud like to know is ther selangor government scholarship for masters?

  5. wati

    i am pursuing my degree in Web media in UCTI. Is there any education loan by Selangor government for this degree?

  6. chris

    hi there , how can i apply for bachelor in business management , can u give me a scholarship

  7. Haansel

    currently I’m in Malaka Flying Academy and need some finacial assistance to contineu my course. If I fail to pay I may loose whatever I paid so far and won’t be able to get my CPL. Could someone assist me wherether I can get a loan from Yayasan Selangor.