Scholarships for Exceptional Talent & Academic Performance

The Employees Provident Fund is Malaysia’s premier pension fund providing basic financial security for retirement. With funds amounting to more than RM440 billion, we are one of the largest funds of its kind in the world.

EPF Scholarships are a highly valued form of corporate social responsibility that aims to contribute to the long term development needs of Malaysia to promote growth and stability. The EPF scholarships provide opportunities for students in the country to undertake full time undergraduate study overseas.

Fields of study are targeted to address agreed priority and development needs of the EPF and Malaysia, in line with Vision 2020 to make Malaysia a developed nation by that year.

EPF Scholarships equip scholars with the skills and knowledge to drive change and influence the development outcomes of their own ability through obtaining tertiary qualifications at premier universities in the United Kingdom, United States or Australia.

EPF Scholarships will be offered each year nationwide to young Malaysians who believe they have the ability to make a difference for the national, economic and social prosperity of Malaysia. We are looking for exceptional talent and academic performance.

Fields Of Study

For first degree courses in Economics, Investment, Finance, Accounting, Actuarial Science, Mathematics, Quantitative Science, Physics, Engineering, Law or Information Technology at premier universities abroad.


    • For candidates who excel in their academic performance :-
    1. 4As in STPM or 4As in A-Levels or 3.5 CGPA at matriculation/diploma level
    2. Age – Below 22 years as at 1 January 2011
    3. Have confirmed or will be offered a place to pursue first degree course in 2011 at universities abroad.
    • For students currently pursuing first degree in any of the above courses at premier universities abroad, scholarships are offered for the remaining years of study.

      Scholarship Value

      • All scholarships cover full academic fees, books, subsistence and allowances.


      • Flexible, versatile, positive personality traits and possess high teamwork capabilities.
      • Demonstrate leadership qualities and potential.
      • Excellent command of Bahasa Malaysia and English language, both written and oral.
      • Active in extra-curricular activities and sporting events.
      • Not a scholarship recipient with another organization.

      How To Apply

      If you have the desired attributes and results, download the application form and submit the completed form to the following address before 12 April 2011. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

      50350 KUALA LUMPUR.


      The closing date for application is 12 April 2011.

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      1. Q

        hi hi… needs ur all to guide me and advise… im a diploma holder with approximately 14 years working experience… i intented to further study on MBA in Finance. from where i can raise scholarship or fund or loan

      2. aisya

        how can i fill in my cGPA?
        my foundation studies will only finish this april and i’ll will get the result in may but the dateline is on 12th april..

      3. ck

        ig cgpa is like 3.4 somthing can’t apply? this scholarship have any condition(something like if got it need to work in the company)?

      4. admin Article Author

        intan : this for undergraduate

        vc : yes you can

        ck : service bond element will be included in the agreement

      5. pink

        i’m a ALevel student now~ Having A2 examination exam in this coming May/June. With my Forecast result, can i apply??

      6. amarvann

        EXCUSE ME,
        erm, is there any phone number that i can contact to inquire anything…?
        and, my final year result is estimated to came out after the deadline, so how am i suppose to send my application form? and, can i use my previous pointer?

      7. Afiq

        I’m an undergraduate mechanical engineering student. Currently, in Year 2 Semester 2 (pursuing MEng (1st degree program), and my current university do twinning program with Birmingham University (2+2 program). I have done my foundation program and my first two years for undergraduate studies at Taylors University College,Subang. Can I apply EPF scholarship for the remaining 2 years of my undergraduate studies in Birmingham University?

      8. KJ

        The link to the application doesn’t work. Can the web admin please help find out what is the problem? It used to be working a few days back.

      9. bees

        hi, may i know how long is the decision-making process for this scholarship? if an applicant is not successful, will he/she be informed?

      10. bees

        hi how long is the decision making-process for this scholarship?will he/she be notified if if he/she gets or doesnt get the scholarship?

      11. admin Article Author

        amarvann, use your revious pointer

        afiq, you can try

        KJ, the link work well

        jennifer, better dont

        bees, normally by may you should know if you being shortlisted only.

      12. devi

        I’m doing degree in economics and administration in University Malaya and currently i’m in second year.Can i apply this scholarship?

      13. Najib b Mathatir

        This EPF scholarship was put up for show only. NO one ever get it! My friend working in the EPF department told me only the applications were thrown inside dustbins as no more care about it. Sorry lah.

      14. erhamna

        Last time I called EPF. They said they already did an interview and less than 5-10 people only got the scholarship. Plus, all of them hold 4.0 CGPA.

        SO, is it true about what you have said Najib? or the man who pick up my call had tricked me?

      15. lai

        I am currently a third year maths and economics student at national university of technology in spore. I am a malysian. Are there any scholarships that is open for malaysians studying in spore/ Thank you

      16. fi

        it says submit before 12th april, can i still submit it by hand on the 12th? or 11th is the last day..

      17. Jennifer

        i think of goin to UQ, australia next yr,2012…the intake is in feb…by the time the results of approval is out, i will ady b thr …so will this scholarship stil works for me?

      18. voo Tze Vun

        Can we apply for the scholarship now since I already know my resultand one offer from oversea university. Please advise how to get the form as soon as possible

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