Times Press (Malaysia) Berhad invites eligible Malaysian students to apply for New Strait Times Scholarship Fund 2010 to pursue full-time diploma or bachelor degree programmes at local Public Institutes of Higher Learning (IPTA) for 2010/11 academic session. The NST Scholarship Fund was established to provide scholarships to deserving Malaysian citizens. The Fund started with a RM 2 million contribution from NSTP.

Fields of Study

  • Printing Management
  • Mass Communication (Journalism/ Advertising/ Marketing)
  • Research
  • Law
  • Engineering (Computer, Mechanical, Electrical & Electronic)
  • Economics
  • English


  • Fresh SPM/STPM holder who have gained admission or
  • First year students who have acquired a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.0 and above -Involvement in extra-curricular activities, social activities and other similar contributions are an advantage.

Value of Scholarship

The amount will cover full tuition fees, living expenses and allowances (book, computer, etc)


Students will be required to serve a bond with NSTP group upon completion of their studies.

How to Apply

The application can be made online at :


The closing date for application 15 April 2010

For more information, please visit

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  1. alvee

    i am matriculation leavers..can i apply this shcolarship using my results in matrix??but the form need stpm results??

  2. Mohamad Hafizudddin Mohamad Yusof

    i’m just ended my asasi/matriculation level at UiTM Shah Alam. Am i eligible for this scholarship?

  3. Dandy

    I am a UTP (Universiti Teknologi Petronas) student , am i eligible to apply ? (still in Foundation program)

  4. admin Article Author

    There are 2 programme :

    – for those with SPM

    Bachelor Degree
    – for those who have completed foundation/ matriculation/ STPM

  5. Ahmad Zikri B. Jaafar

    i’m still in second semester of law degree in uitm shah alam which means i dont have the second semester’s result yet,but the form needed a second semester’s result,do i just put the first semester’s result or i should use my matriculation result?

  6. alvee

    but the application form need to us to fill the stmpm results???how can i enter my matriculation results?

  7. shien

    on d application form ,
    we nid to fill in name of university n addresss..
    i havent get any offer letter yet …
    wat should i fill in?

  8. farhan

    im frm the matriculation college. The form require the rslt for first n scond sem. But we’re just to finish the second sem. The rslt definite will nt cme out before the dateline. Then how?

  9. fatin

    im still doing my foundation in uia. can i apply for this scholarship? i will end my foundation program this october. so, should i apply now or they will be another up coming ads about this?

  10. admin Article Author

    ahmad zikri,

    yes you can use first sem law degree result.

    alvee, the advertisement never said about matriculation. I think they missed it.

    shien, yes you can apply but for diploma progamme only unless you have applied a bachelor degree programme whicah accept SPM leavers.

    farhan, use your first sem result.

  11. farhan

    dear admin. U said tht for ppl cmpleted matrix n stpm cn apply ths scholar. Im abt to cmplete the matrix nex week n the rslt will definitely not come out bfore the dateline. Then how? The form require the rslt for firt n second sem.

  12. Lim

    izit this scholarship only can apply if I get offer from uni or college?
    since it required course details (name of college and course).
    what should i fill in ?I juz get SPM result.

  13. admin Article Author

    Lim, you have to secure a place first. too bad the sponsor didnt realise that many still waiting for the result.

    daniel , yes you can

  14. nasha

    hey, admin.. can someone who wants to do science and tech apply for this scholarship?bcoz it only says that it caters for certain fields,but does not include scinece & tech…

  15. Vikki

    If a second semester student apply for this scholarship, will the scholarship backdate the expenses for the 1st and 2nd semester or it will only start payment from the 3rd semester?
    how much is the amount allocated for each student for one semester?
    i understand that students have to serve a bond with nstp group upon completion of study, so does that mean nstp will automatically offer job to the student upon completion of study? and for how long is the bondage? if i want to further my study to master or phd level after completion of my bachelor degree, can i postpone the bondage?

  16. miza


    i’m already finish my degree right now and now still waiting for continue study for master in education….my question is it NSTP provide scholarship for master?

  17. daniel

    can I just say that this sponsorship is just a big liar from NST? I’ve applied, but then NST didn’t send me any notice about this. And there’s no such thing about sponsorship on the NST web page after the application has been closed.

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