Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) offers scholarships to Bumiputeras who obtain exceptional results in their SPM to pursue tertiary education at selected foreign universities in disciplines related to the business activity of PNB such as Finance & Investment, Accountancy, Economics, Law, Information Communication Technology and Engineering.

Prior to entry into universities, the scholars will be required to undertake a two-year A-Level programme or other preparatory programmes determined by PNB.

Fields of Study

A-level and First Degree in Accountancy, Economics, Finance & Investment, Actuarial Science, Mathematics & Statistic, Law, Information Communication Technology, Engineering


  • SPM 2010 candidates only
  • At least 8As in SPM 2010
  • English GCE-O must at least A
  • Not exceed age of 19 in 1st January 2011
  • Active in co-curriculum
  • No family or relative members who received PNB Scholarship

How to Apply

Submit the completed application form with supporting documents to:


Only successful candidates will be notify after 2 weeks from closing date


Closing date for application is 25 April 2011.

For more information on PNB Overseas Scholarship 2011, please visit PNB.

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  1. John Julius Sesay

    I am a Sierra Leonean seeking for Scholarship. I’ve gratuated from senior secondary school (high school) since 2002 but having no one to send me to college/university. And so i remain idle with a very sad story . How can you help out of this?

  2. Syu

    Is a diploma holder eligible to apply for this scholarship? coz i’ve been accepted to lancaster university with an exemption from the 1st year. Which mean i’ll be starting with my 2nd year.

  3. Murugesan

    why it is for Bumi only? Bumi in Malaysia enjoys all the scholarship…why not make it 100% for all bumi?

  4. milyana

    muru..dun be unsatisfied.. the BUMI people covers like more than 60% in this country,,if it is open to all.. then how can the BUMI can have the perfect education with all the competition?? u mite not understand..but this is the privileged given and the rights of the BUMIPUTERAS.. just be grateful ok..

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