Effective year 2012, the Higher Education Ministry will introduce a scholarship programme, known as “MyBrainSc”, for students who pursuing studies in pure science.

The government had allocated RM9.5 million for the programme which would replace the Special Scholarship for Academic Staff in Local Universities programme.

Under the MyBrainSc, a total of 200 scholarships would be made available as follows :

  • 50 awards for pursuing study abroad
  • 150 awards for local universities


  • Excellent education achievement in their foundation studies in science, matriculation, preparation programmes, Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) and diploma holders,
  • Students in pure science at the undergraduate level with a cumulative group point average (CGPA) of 3.75 and above
  • Those pursuing a doctorate in pure science in local or foreign universities.”

The introduction of the scholarship was a significant move as the existing scholarships like those offered by Public Service Department only focused in professional areas such as medical, dentistry and pharmacy.

“The MyBrainSc scholarship will not only increase the number of academic staff in pure science like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics in local universities, but will also help achieving our target of having 100 researchers, scientists and engineers for every 10,000 academic staff in local universities, and producing a Nobel Laureate in the future.

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