Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship 2015

Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship 2015

Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship 2015

Sponsor : Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman
Fund Type : Scholarship
Target Recipient : undergraduate

Sponsor Contact :
E-mail: yayasantar@gmail.com
Website: http://www.yayasantar.org.my/
Contact No: 03-2283 6063

This prestigious and exclusive scholarship is offered to excellent students with high leadership talent. It provides financial support to potential graduates who are pursuing studies at Bachelor’s Degree level at any IPTA or IPTS in the country. Recipients of this scholarship are named Tunku Scholars.

(a) Basic requirements

(i) Citizen of Malaysia.

(ii) Not more than 25 years of age at the closing date.

(b) Eligibility requirements of Academic and Co-curriculum

(i) School leavers of STPM / Asasi / Matriculation / Diploma * who achieved a CGPA of 3.50 and above.

(ii) The application is also open to full-time graduates of Bachelor’s Degree at IPTA or IPTS in the country who obtain a minimum CGPA of 3.50, and have at least 2 years remaining to finish their studies.

(iii) Credit in Bahasa Malaysia and English Language at SPM level.

(iv) Possesses the characteristics of outstanding leadership and active participation in extra-curricular activities, especially at school or university.

* The awarding of BTAR is subject to the applicant receiving entry into a local IPT in the country.

(c) Additional requirement

Short-listed applicants will be required to attend a Leadership Traits Observation programme and attend the Selection Interview sessions arranged by YTAR.

How to Apply Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship 2015  ?

Application opening date : 1 March 2015

Application closing date : 15 April 2015

Only candidates who have attended the Leadership Traits Observation programme will be called for the Selection Interview. Candidates who are not contacted after 3 months from the closing date of the application are considered unsuccessful.

The deadline for Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship 2015 is 15 March 2015.


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