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23 Warning Signs of Scholarship Scams

Nate at has shared good tips on 23 warning signs of scholarship scams. Eventhough the tips was written based on US or maybe Europe education environment, but at least we can be alert if we come across any of the signs. Scholarship scams are much to common on the internet. Many students applying for [...]

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The best way to apply for a scholarship

The Best Way to Apply for a Scholarship There are many ways to finance your education, but the best of them all is undoubtedly a scholarship – it allows you to earn an education without worrying about money and student loans and repayment once you’ve graduated. However, there’s a significant distance between wanting a scholarship [...]

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Guide on How To apply Scholarship

Hi all, I received few request on how to prepare application letter for scholarship because not all scholarship provider provide scholarship application form. In this post below I give one example on how to write scholarship application. The letter is basically a standard letter/format that you can use for other purposes. The only different is [...]

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Resume/Curriculum Vitae template

If you notice not all scholarship providers provide an application form, there are cases where they would like candidate to submit their personal details Eg (CCM Scholarship). So the question that you might first ask is on the format to be used. Don’t panic, if you ask you bro/sis who has been in the career [...]

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Few tips on how to apply scholarship

This month onwards you will find plenty of new scholarship advertisement posted in (MSN). Don’t be so excited with all this ads, what you need to do is remain calm, read carefully what best for yourself. Scholarship provider normally will provide clear description on their scholarship, but in case you can’t find the answer [...]

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Tips for applying scholarship

Pay close attention to scholarship application deadlines. Use a calendar, make a schedule for yourself and stick to it. Applications submitted past the deadline are usually not considered. Gather application materials early — give yourself plenty of time to complete each step. Applications that have been rushed look sloppy and incomplete applications probably won’t be [...]

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Most frequently asked question during scholarship interview

We believe that in May 2008, many of the 2007 SPM candidates has got their place in matriculation, foundation etc and many more of  their senior offered a place for their bachelor degree in universities. For the scholarship interview, most of the scholarship provider if you are notice preferred to have it before you enter [...]

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How to Prepare for a Scholarship Interview

The following tips by ehow might be useful for those who attending the scholarship interview. Step 1: Research important aspects of what you plan on majoring in during college. Find out how well this field is growing and what you can offer once you graduate. Interviewers want reasons for why you are choosing a specific [...]

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Frequently asked scholarship related question

We would like to share with you some of the most Frequently asked question that we received about scholarship Where to find scholarship ? We would suggest you try any of this options : website is a good start for you, we are the best. Search in Google/yahoo etc Look for scholarship ads in [...]

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Share Your Interview Experience Here

Did you attended any interview or may be scholarship selection recently ? Share your experience here. We hope with this info, will help our friends out there to be well prepared for future interviews. Just post your experience and the result if possible. For other readers, please dont ask anything, as this will ensure this [...]

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Scholarship Interview Tips

Before The Interview Prepare in advance. Ahead of time, consider the purpose of the interview. Review your UC application for admission as it may be brought up during your interview. Create mock questions you think might be asked. When formulating your answers, remember to emphasize your strengths. Practice your interview skills with a friend. Review [...]

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