This month onwards you will find plenty of new scholarship advertisement posted in (MSN). Don’t be so excited with all this ads, what you need to do is remain calm, read carefully what best for yourself.

Scholarship provider normally will provide clear description on their scholarship, but in case you can’t find the answer of your question, you can always give them a call.

If you notice, most of the scholarships are for full-time courses instead of part-time and most of them are for bachelor degree programme. However in MSN, where possible we will try to categorise this scholarship into various categories to ease your searching process.

If you are new to MSN, you can read our previous post on how to apply for scholarship here or many more tips about scholarship such as interview tips etc.

In this post, we would like to add few scholarship tips that you may want to consider when applying for scholarship :

    1. First thing first, read the scholarship advertisement carefully. Since, to get scholarship is not easy nowadays, only apply scholarship when you can full fill the requirement. The words like “Malaysia citizens”, “bumiputera”, “full time courses” “first degree programme” always ignored by the candidates.
    2. Be careful with the programme of study that you stated in the scholarship application, make sure its similar with the one that you applied through UPU etc. Let say you put in the form Bachelor of Accountancy, but the real fact you get offer to pursue Bachelor in Economy. In most cases, you will not be considered even though you have attended the interview. Because, they have already shortlisted candidates for B. Economy instead.
    3. Very often, the closing date of scholarship application is before you get the offer letter. So just have a look at your SPM/STPM/Matriculation result, choose right course based on your result instead of what you want to do or what your mother/father want you to be. On scholarship provider site, they will focus on what you filled in the form, any discrepancy between what you apply and what offer you get, they will stick to the application form.
    4. Scholarship provider ? Check the company/organization background. Ask yourself whether this is the best organization for yourself and the one that you want to work with. Remember ! Most of the scholarship comes with a scholarship bond where you have to work with them for certain period after your graduation. If you fails to consider this from beginning you will end up breaching the agreement.
    5. The scholarship scheme. Certain companies just pay the scholarship. Some don’t even care with yourself development during this sponsorship period. But few companies like Proton, Sime Darby, Petronas well known with their training, team building programmes for their scholars. This is where you will be benefit most on top of the financial part.

  1. Scholarship Bond ! In many organization, the scholars is another source of their own future manpower. They choose the best at this stage and To avoid scholars that have been developed for years from being pinching by other organisation, scholarship organizer normally imposed service bond. The bond period vary based on the scholarship amount, type of scholarship etc.
  2. Scholarship period. It is normal for scholarship provider to sponsor the minimum period required by the recipients to complete the course. If let say you have to extend one semester, you have to pay yourself. So don’t play2 🙂

What else, if you have any question you can email me at I will try to answer to all your question. The good ones can be posted in this site.

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    i will finish foundation in enginnering in jun 2009 in multimedia university i want to apply scholarship for my degree program in same how??

  2. Esther

    Dear Sir,

    A friend of mine applied for scholarship to study abroad and got to know that the JPA will call up for interview and ask some questions that are related to family background. Is that true? If that’s the case, can you give me some idea on what kind of question will be asked and what will be the best answer to get the approval?



  3. Theeba

    hai my name is theeba and im currently doing my masters in mmu melaka. So i would like to apply for an schorlarship. So any suggestion plz..