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I received few request on how to prepare application letter for scholarship because not all scholarship provider provide scholarship application form. In this post below I give one example on how to write scholarship application. The letter is basically a standard letter/format that you can use for other purposes. The only different is the content.

Please also take note when you are requested to submit application, please ensure you send the following :

  1. Application letter or cover letter (as per below post)
  2. Resume – Your personal details. Click here for sample
  3. Supporting documents – copies of IC, certificates, offer of admission to university etc.

For more details on scholarship tips, please visit this page.

<<Your address>>

12th February 2010

<<Sponsor Address>>

Dear Sirs,


With reference to the PNB Scholarship 2010 which was advertised in the STAR, I forward herewith my application for your consideration.

For your information, I have just completed matriculation programme in engineering at Kolej Matrikulasi Kulim with a CGPA of 3.50. I have strong interest to pursue studies in mechanical engineering field and I have therefore applied for a place in mechanical engineering course at University of Malaya for 2010 intake.

I enclose herewith full resume and photocopies of academic transcripts and certificates, as stated in your requirement. My attached resume provides details on my achievement and active involvement in co-curriculum activities during school and also foundation programme. My day-to-day output reflects a high level of motivation, efficiency, and ability to meet company’s goals and targets.

I strongly believe that PNB Scholarship is the best  platform that will allow me to explore my full potential in pursuing my ambition to be a success Mechanical Engineer.

Thank you very much for your time and kind consideration. Please do not hesitate to contact me and I am willing to attend interview at anytime convenience to you.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

<Your Name>
<Your IC #>

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  1. syafa

    am confused regarding the term ‘bachelor’ ..
    am a spm leaver so what about scholars only for matrxs and stpms

  2. admin Article Author

    bachelor means first degree programme.

    Normally SPM holder has to take matriculation/ STPM/ A Level/ diploma before they can pursue bachelor degree programme.

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  4. Syu

    Can i used the same example to apply pnb scholarship? since i was a diploma holder and i’ve already got an offer letter from university of bangor in Uk but i dont have any sponsor

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